6 Reasons Vaping is Perfect for Smokers

Are you a smoker? It could be time to make a change. Vaping is perfect for smokers because it is odorless, contains less ingredients than cigarettes, and is a growing community of like-minded people. If you’ve been thinking about making the switch, consider this:
1. Let’s state the obvious. Cigarette smoke stinks. Your skin, hair, clothes, car, and home stink. You only notice it when you stop smoking cigarettes because your senses of smell and taste return. Smelling cleaner is reason enough to find an alternative to cigarettes!
2. Breathe easier. Vape juice contains only four ingredients (and no tobacco) while cigarettes contain thousands, including many that are classified as carcinogens. It’s no wonder we’re hearing stories from former smokers that they can breathe easier now that they’ve switched to vaping!
3. It’s tricky. Impress your friends with your customized vape mod or your fancy vapor rings. You can’t do that with cigarettes.
4. Flava-Flav. Cigarettes offer only a few options for flavors while vape juice is available in hundreds. Not to mention the fact that the flavorings are food grade oils you’d find in candy and other sweet treats. From grape and cherry to chocolate and mint, the options are darn near endless when it comes to vape juice flavors. Check out the Vape Uprising selection and order yours today!
5. Who gives a nic. While vape juice never contains tobacco, it can contain the addictive substance nicotine that is also found in cigarettes. The benefit of vaping is that you can choose the level of nicotine (0-24 mg) that you’d like in your vape juice.
6. Be part of the crowd. The vape culture is growing across the country and online. Meet people on Reddit and other vaping forums, at events, and at your local vape shop. Ask questions and be a resource for the community.
If you’re ready to start vaping, check out the Vape Rising Starter Kits today!

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