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Vape-Rising exists for the sole purpose of bringing the cutting edge technology and enjoyment of vaping to everyone!

With so much to learn about vaping, it can seem like a daunting task. We know, we’ve been there.

We are your guides for all things vaping. We will teach you about vaping and how to make informed decisions about product choice. We’ve done our research. We keep-up with the ever-evolving industry so that we can keep you informed as well.

Our commitment to you is that we will stay plugged in to the vaping industry. We’ll watch for all the new ways the vape revolution is rising and ideas to enhance your lifestyle. We’ll keep you aware of the events in the vape world and use our knowledge to offer you great products at a fantastic value.

At Vape-Rising, we see vaping as a lifestyle. We also see Vaping as the future, and it is Rising.

The advancements in Vape technology mean:

  • We no longer have to light a small fire on our face to enjoy ourselves,
  • Smell like an ashtray to people around us,
  • Ruin our clothes with burn marks,
  • Accidentally melt the aftermarket window tint on our car while we’re ashing out the window (Man, that is aggravating!),
  • Get charged from hotels and rental car companies for breaking their “No Smoking” rule, or make Smokey the Bear mad at us for starting forest fires..(To date, there are no documented cases of vaping causing any forest fires.)

The benefits go on and on!

Take charge of your life. Make the switch to vaping and join the Rising!

You’ll never have to surrender your lifestyle and the things you enjoy.

Join us in the future where the technology of vaping has changed things for the better.

Thank you for choosing to be part of the Vape-Rising.

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