E-cigarettes do not explode, batteries do

E-cigarettes do not explode, batteries do

First of all, it is very important to understand that e-cigarettes do not explode. In contrast, batteries do, and particularly rechargeable batteries that are used in most electronic mods. And if an e-cigarette is damaged, it is because its battery or batteries have become damaged.

Secondly, it is more appropriate to talk about degassing rather than explosion because the latter is very rare. What happens, most of the time, is a gradual increase of pressure and temperature inside the body of the battery that may lead to a leakage, a blast of incandescent gases. The persons exposed to the jet may be injured and suffer from a severe burn.

The last few issues involving e-cigarette batteries highlighted the fact that the batteries were not inserted into the device but carried out without protection in a pocket, where they came in contact with loose coins,  keys or some other metal object which shorted the battery. The contact between the positive and the negative poles of a battery is, by itself, susceptible to generate a chemical reaction inside the battery and raise the pressure and temperature until a gaseous leakage happens.

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By Julien Sellier - November 30, 2016

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