What Are Vape Mods?

When e-cigarettes hit the scene, they were shaped like traditional cigarettes, contained a lot of nicotine, and produced little vapor. Also called analog, e-cigs were – and still are – only sold at gas stations and convenience stores. They were all good until the vape mods came along. Vape shops and online suppliers like Vape Uprising began carrying more sophisticated and customizable vapes including vape pens and vape mods that changed the user experience and culture of vaping.

How to Select Vape Mods

The design you select is really up to you. As yourself….

• What look and feel do you want? If you want a sleek, simple design, you might choose a vape pen.
• How much do you want to customize? Vape mods – both advanced and re-buildable – are great if you’re looking for varying design, a more powerful battery, or more vapor.
• How much vapor do you want? While some people want to fill their living room with vapor, others don’t need it.The mod you select along with the vape juice concentration of PV/VG will determine the amount of vapor produced. It isn’t an exact science but we know some mods are more effective than others.

New vapers often start with a vape pen to get a feel for vaping and a peek into the vape culture. Some choose to advance to vape mods where they can have more choices, including the amount of nicotine (0-24 mg) in the vape juice, a refillable tank (e-cigs don’t have this), a variety of flavors, and a choice of design.

Create your own vape mods with a custom design including your choice of battery power and level of vapor and flavor.

The Tank System

The tank system is the part where the vape juice is stored and heated by the atomizer. Choose between two wicking systems - a top wicking system and a, you guessed it, bottom wicking system, each with their own features.

While the top wicking system is easy to use, you may get dry hits because the wick has to pull the vape juice from the bottom. With the bottom wicking system, you’re less likely to experience a dry hit or burnt taste because the wick is always in the vape juice; the disadvantage is the tank leaking especially when the weather is wetter.

Whatever kind of battery and tank you pick, it is important to take it apart and clean it on a regular basis. You don’t want juice to get in the battery.

Charging your Vape Mods

Turn the battery off and remove from the tank when you’re ready to charge. This is also a good time to clean the mod connections with a Q-tip. You don’t want vape juice getting into the battery. Plug the charger into the wall or into a USB port on your computer. It will light up to indicate the battery is fully charged, similar to your cell phone.

If you’re not charging but you’re done vaping for the day, turn off the battery before you put the mod away. This will help save the battery and the atomizer.

Disadvantage of Vape Mods

The disadvantage of vape mods is that they are less portable and weigh more than their counterparts. At Vape Rising we offer cases for our mods that make travel easier and protect your product.

If you’re interested in learning more about Vape Rising, please visit our products page to see what we have ready for you today!

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