What’s in a Vape Cloud?

If you’ve vaped indoors, you probably got some strange looks from people. They just don’t understand vaping and how it’s different from cigarette smoking. Smoking tobacco products has been banned indoors in many places for a long time because of the effects of smoking and second hand smoke but a vape cloud isn’t like that.

What’s in a vape cloud?

Well, for one thing, a vape cloud isn’t smoke at all. As the name suggests, the “cloud” you see is actually vapor. Hence the term vaping. In fact, vaping doesn’t involve the burning of tobacco or burning of anything else.

Nothing is burnt when you vape. The atomizer in the mod heats the vape juice. You inhale and exhale the vapor. That’s it. The vapor isn’t chemical-free but the vape juice contains only four ingredients. If you have 0% nicotine vape juice, your vapor contains even less chemicals.

What’s in cigarette smoke?

Cigarettes contain thousands of ingredients, some of which are classified carcinogens. The burning tobacco causes chemical reactions that create even more cancer causing agents. That’s why second hand smoke is a real problem; you don’t have to be a smoker to feel the effects of cigarette smoke.

In The News

While opponents to vaping and e-cigarettes may argue that the effects could be as harmful to health as smoking cigarettes, there have been no studies indicating that is the case.

Yes, you can get vape juice that contains nicotine, an addictive ingredient also found in cigarettes. Yes, a vape cloud is not chemical-free. The fact remains that a vape cloud contains just a fraction of the number of chemicals compared to cigarette smoke. And one of those is a food grade flavoring like that found in candy.

While we understand what’s in a vape cloud, we encourage you to check local laws regarding vaping indoors as it has been banned in a few places.

If you’re concerned about what’s contained in your vape cloud or vape juice, ensure the best quality by purchasing your products from a reliable supplier like Vape Rising.

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