What’s in a vape starter kit?

Maybe you’ve heard about vaping from a friend.

Maybe you’re thinking about quitting smoking.

Vaping isn’t smoking but you can get the same enjoyment and social experience from it.

And the cost to vape is less than cigarettes.

Vape-Rising starter kits range from $30-100.

And it’s simple to get started.

Check out the Vape-Rising Starter Kits!

Our vape starter kit includes everything you need:

• Vape pen or mod. A mod is a modified version of a standard vape pen. Some users modify to get more flavor and an improved vaping experience. The battery is contained in the pen or mod. Choose a design the suits your style.
• Recharger. As the battery loses power, you’ll notice a change in the flavor of the vapor and will want to recharge.
• Tanks. We offer two tanks in our starter kit. This is where you put the liquid. The reason we include two in the starter kit is so you can experiment with which flavors you like best.
• Atomizer. This heats the juice creating a vapor that is inhaled and exhaled. Note: It’s called a cartomizer when the tank and atomizer are in one compartment.
• Drip tip. This is where you inhale the vapor.
• Case. Take good care of your investment when you store your vape kit when you’re travelling or not using it.
• Lanyard. Makes your vape pen part of your fashion statement and right at your fingertips whenever you want it.
• 1 or 2 juices. Remember picking your favorite flavors of jelly beans at the gourmet candy shop? Choosing your e-juice for your tank is just like that and with as many (or more) options. From bubblegum and Swedish fish to vanilla and berry, we’ve got what you want!

Check out the Vape Rising Starter Kits and Contact Us with your vaping questions.

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