Why Vape?

vaping can be enjoyed by men and women alike in a variety of settings. in this picture there is a man and woman vaping together, enjoying their lifestyle without worrying that it can threaten the nature around them with hot ash or matches.

Do you love new stuff? Let’s face it, are you feeling trendy and you’re looking for a new habit?

Are your friends telling you about vaping and you’re wanting something healthier than smoking? 

Then vaping is for you.

Loving new stuff isn’t the only reason why vaping is for you.

Maybe you like building things. Maybe you like to customize and personalize your stuff. Then mods will be your thing! You’ll build a mod, try it, and decide it doesn’t look good (think walrus with tentacles). Time to try another design. This one is cooler and more sophisticated. Soon your friends are asking you to build them a mod that’s just as cool.

Maybe you’re up snacking late at night. The pounds are piling on and you think to yourself that there has to be a better way. Vaping, like smoking, is an oral habit. You grab your favorite vape device instead of a bag of chips. And in a month you’re tightening your belt because vaping has less calories than a bag of chips.

You realize your clothes and home don’t stink like they did when you were smoking. In fact, the place smells darn good because of that wicked vape flavor you chose. Cool. Maybe now you can invite that cutie over that you’ve been crushing on forever.

That’s why vape is for you.

Maybe your boss stresses you out to the point of anxiety. So you take your mother’s advice and take a deep breath and exhale, counting to ten to calm your nerves. And you notice something. When you smoked cigarettes you couldn’t take that breath. And now you can.

You’re breathing easier because vape juice contains no tobacco. We know tobacco contains a variety of materials that are carcinogenic and otherwise unhealthy for us. Vape juice contains four ingredients and none of them are tobacco.

That’s why vape is for you.

Whatever reason you choose to vape, welcome to the Rising! We recommend checking out the products we offer on the Vape Rising products page. Contact us with questions and tell us why vape is for you!

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