Why Vaping is Cooler than Smoking

Aside from your clothes, hair, car, and home not smelling like cigarette smoke, vaping is cooler than smoking because you get to be in control! You get to make the decisions on so many things that you have no control over when smoking. You can customize your mod (the device used to vape), choose your level of flavor, and decide how big of a cloud you want to create. While some vapers want to fill their home, others want vapor to disappear soon after it’s exhaled.


You can’t ask for a bigger, better, or cooler designed cigarette, but you can when it comes to building a mod. The lower part, the case that holds the battery, and the atomizer, the part that heats the vape juice, are the two main parts. Choose from a variety of options and designs and build your own! [link to options on their website]

Choice of Flavor

As you take a drag of a cigarette, you pretty much know what you’re going to get in terms of flavor and the amount of smoke you will inhale and exhale. The only variance would be if you smoked a brand that wasn’t your regular brand, which most smokers don’t do. They tend to find a brand and stick to it. Whether it’s an ultra-light menthol or a red, you can bet on the level of flavor and smoke.

When it comes to vaping, you have a choice in the flavor you’re inhaling and exhaling. On some vape devices, there is an adjustable dial. The dial adjusts the level of heat the vape juice gets. Slight adjustments change the level of flavor. If you purchase one of these adjustable mods, experiment with it to find the level of flavor that’s right for you. There’s no need to get a stronger vape juice or a new mod every time you want a different flavor, you can customize the one you have. We caution our customers not to turn the heat up to much or you may experience a burnt type of flavor and not the great taste that you want.

Amount of Vapor

As you’re selecting vape juice, you will need to decide the mixture of Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG). PG is the most common base liquid. It is flavorless, colorless, and mixes well with flavors. VG is sweeter than PG, water soluble, and has a sweetness to it. While VG will produce more vapor, PG is a better carrier of flavor.

Because of these options – and the cool vaping community - we think vaping is cooler than smoking. Check out the mods and atomizers on the Vape Rising products page and order yours today.

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